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Cloud Migration

With brilliant highlights and a great exhibit of business benefits, the Cloud registering pattern has taken off in the ongoing years.
There are numerous points of interest to the cloud. You have to choose the correct cloud specialist organization for your necessities, regardless of whether it be a little DevOps condition, explicit applications, stages, for example, Office365, or your venture frameworks. Cipherlogics has the experience working with various CSPs and customers of all sizes to help build up the correct cloud procedure for your business, execution, security and spending needs. We additionally have the accomplished assets, instruments and connections to design and execute your movement to the cloud. What’s more, after you get to the cloud, Cipherlogics can screen, oversee, and keep up your cloud foundation to keep addressing your necessities as your business develops and your requirements change over the long run.
Cipherlogics’s best practices and ability has conveyed agreeable and efficient cloud migration answers for a fluctuated scope of clients.
Our orderly cloud migration process comes after a legitimate evaluation of your cloud migration necessity, which incorporates a comprehension of your hierarchical arrangement, the model of trade of data, the use of the current foundation and the purposes behind cloud relocation.

Cloud Migration


Containerization is an innovation that offers a legitimate bundling component where applications can be disconnected or isolated from nature in which they really run, making it simpler to host applications inside portable environments.
Cipherlogics stretches out its services to assist with containerizing application in the adaptable condition utilizing market commanding tools and technologies. We help you to manage, monitor, troubleshoot and scale the environments including systems administration and security part of the containers. Containers additionally empower development of microservices – that are integrated together to make bigger applications.


The term devops itself describes the meaning. It is a portmanteau of words “development and “operations”. It integrates development and operations environment in the organization which traditionally considered to be incompatible.
Devops is more like a philosophy than a technology. It takes advantage of automated workflow with shared focus between different groups from development to deployment. Collaboration, automation, continuous integration, continuous testing are the central principles of devops culture. Cipherlogics has vast experience in automation of different workflows. We have successfully introduced devops strategy to various organizations by taking advantage of automation and integrating teams from development to deployment there by reducing duration of scrum cycle and enhancing overall productivity of organization


Application Modernization

For a long time, your business has been working on what might now be viewed as legacy frameworks. It tends to be difficult to leave behind or transform them. In any case, it’s fundamental you push ahead, relocate to more current advances and condition as this is the computerized period when speed, agility and adaptability profoundly matter.

Except if you modernize these old, different inheritance innovation, you will be inadequately situated to meet these necessities, and in the end pass up on chances to intrigue your clients.

Cipherlogics’s application modernization administrations help IT pioneers lessen working expenses and capital spending, give better items and administration to clients, and let loose their groups to concentrate on increasingly key activities. Regardless of whether you have to move your current IT frameworks and information to the cloud, re-stage, start without any preparation, or re-intervene your legacy applications, Cipherlogics can help. The outcomes will incorporate expanded execution and dexterity, included security and unwavering quality, and improved consumer loyalty, all while bringing down costs and expenses.

Business Integration

Business Integration is bringing synchronization between Information Technology with other elements of business. This can help one to better understand, judge and make better decisions for the organization. With the help of business intelligence tools, one can actually analyze massive data both external and internal to organization, which is impossible with conventional methods. This can help in predicting market forces like never before. This gives the current picture of business just at a glance. Cipherlogics has helped many businesses across the board in integrating different units.This empowers an organization to stand ahead of competition.

Business Integration

Platform Deployment

Cloud deployment refers to the enablement of SaaS (software as a service), PaaS (platform as a service) or IaaS (infrastructure as a service) solution that may be accessed on demand by end users or consumers.

  • Platform-As-A-Service:

    ProTeam specializes in enterprise wide deployment of platform and required ecosystem on client premises and all major cloud service providers. We have expertise in defining PAAS platform enterprises strategy, deployment, automation, training and operations.

  • Infrastructure-As-A-Service:

    ProTeam specializes in enterprise cloud strategy, implementation and automation. Suggest best practices and implement required echo-system.

  • Software-As-A-Service:

    Cloud application services, or Software as a Service (SaaS), represent the largest cloud market and are still growing quickly. SaaS uses the web to deliver applications that are managed by a third-party vendor and whose interface is accessed on the clients’ side.


Cloud operations encompass the process of managing and delivering cloud services and infrastructure to either an internal or an external user base. This involves ensuring peak performance and maintaining availability in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of customers and meet service level agreement standards. This also includes ensuring security and compliance, as well as keeping tabs on all operational costs.

Cloud operations are intended to provide the following objectives:

  • Deliver cloud services and/or infrastructure
  • Optimize performance and capacity, as well as ensure proper resource management regardless of the platform used or infrastructure location
  • Meet service level agreements
  • Maintain compliance and configuration
  • Automate service, change management and chargeback
  • Maintain transparency and proper metering
  • Ensure proper disaster recovery and mitigation
cloud migration


Consulting and IT Services from Cipherlogics focus on defining, optimizing and aligning our client’s business strategy with IT initiatives. We believe that business and technology work hand-in-hand. A proper understanding of this synthesis motivates every engagement, enabling us to deliver technology solutions that give you a decisive competitive advantage.

We provide seasoned professionals at client site to analyze, develop and deploy Enterprise wide business solutions, Application Development and Modernization, PAAS Platform Strategy and Deployment, Cloud Strategy and Deployment, Business Integretion, Enterprise resource planning, Data Ware Housing, Networking & Systems engineering.